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Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss
We are a diverse group. A few of of us are born with very little hearing. Some of us lost our hearing as children, and took up playing a musical instrument after the onset of the hearing loss. Others had normal hearing, played our instruments for a long time, then experienced hearing loss. In any case, the degree of hearing loss is of such significance it now impacts on how we play (or no longer play) music. The purpose of this group is to exchange information on how to co ntinue making music with a hearing loss, both in solo or ensemble situations, how hearing instruments such as hearing aids/cochlear implants/assistive listening devices help or hinder us in our musical endeavors, and how to cope with the angst some of us feel when playing for an audience who most likely has better hearing than we do. Although most of us are amateur musicians, we cheer those of us who have succeeded in becoming professional musicians. This group is also open to music educators and audiologists who are interested in knowing how to work with, and teach adults with hearing loss. Guidelines for those who want to post to our group - anything you post needs to relate to both hearing loss AND music. Otherwise, the post will be deleted. Posts that discusses the support or sponsorship of any other organization will also be deleted. Individuals who violates these guidelines will be removed from this group.
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • aamhl | AAMHL-conference-2022
    This is a subgroup where individuals in our Association who are interested holding an AAMHL conference  for 2022 can come together to discuss planning and logistics.
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  • aamhl | VSOPlaySing-Event
    This private subgroup is for all interested in details of planning and participating in the (hopefully annual) Virginia Symphony Orchestra CommUNITY Play-in and Sing-along which takes place in early September of each year.
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  • aamhl | deafwarblers
    This is a subgroup for deaf singers.  Members of this group are free to share the vocal pieces they are learning, the challenge they have learning particular pieces with a hearing loss and any experience they have singing in community choirs.
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